300 Miles To Bethlehem




It was a cold night

The cart we attached gave us a beautiful fright
‘Tud tod, dit dat’
The narrow road was full of broken darts
‘kraka boom!! Kaboom!!
The sound of the storm, sounding like heavens doom

My pregnant wife’s life, I fear
Yet her beautiful smile remains fair
We prayed against ‘time’ but it became a running fox
We heard the sound of a wild ox
The road looked thinner than it was
Sweats of uncertainty was flowing over my body like a nervous horse

Hee haw!!! Hee haw!!!
The donkey screamed like one who had lost it’s forebrain
I could hear the sound of our Hearts, sounding like that of a thousand rain

Fear choked me
Faith almost left me
The thought of my unborn gave me courage
We continued despite the dark age

Alas! We reached our destination
A small but great nation
Hmm!! Ouch!! Hmm!! Ha!!!
My wife  cried out of pain
I could feel the rushing blood in her vain
Filled with tense and uncertainty
I sought for a room but all was occupied with unimportant activity

All that was left was a stable though it looked capable
I hurriedly asked for the Shepard assistance, they gave their perfect

Our dark experience was lightened with angelic presence singing joyous
My new born baby was the author of their songs

The king of all kings is here on earth
The Saviour of eternal death.

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