To me Christianity is just a name it does not define who you really are in Christ or your spirituality level, everyone say “I’m a Christian, are you really?”.
Read the bible from back to back, pages by pages, chapter by chapters, verses by verses, if you do not portray what you’ve read you are like someone who have not open a bible or even the index of a bible.
Being the pastor, G.O, deacon, Rev of a church does not define you also its just a position is who you are in Christ that define you, your level of spirituality, faith and love towards God. As a Christian like you say you are have you gotten to that level whereby you are no longer afraid of death, even when the spirit of death knocks at the door you will gladly open because you know and have a strong deep conviction that when you die you will smile seeing a shining glorious face of Jesus sitting at the right hand  side of God.
If you are a believer and its doesn’t tell on the people around you check yourself, if your level of Christianity does not tell on your colleagues at work,friends, course mate check yourself there should an introspection. Every believer is a model for Christ, if your lifestyle does not portray him you need to change to the right path,1 Timothy 4-12.
Christianity is individualistic, its a race so ran it well, your statues, role, background, social stratification on earth does not give you any certificate in heaven, leave all that and put God first.

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