CREATED And God saw all he had made, and lo they were good and upright.

God created so many things, the plants, the firmament, animals, infact his creativity still astonishes me personally, when I look at the blue’s in the sky, the beauty of the green plants the rising and falling of the Sun, the horizon, I just get thrilled. But yet he Created a Supreme Being that he gave dominion over all this things and not only dominion, he also gave His breath, that Supreme Being is Man.

Man was created for God’s pleasure, to glorify God. Man was created for God’s divine work, man was created to shine brightly, Man was created to Excel in all His ways, Man was created as representative image of God on earth, and Man was created to love God. But My question for all who exists in this era is that why do we really exists, and I ask this because I really feel that Man of this era is not ready to connect back to the real purpose of our creation, God has been so faithful to us that even after the fall of Man in the garden of Eden he still sent His son to die for us, just to connect us back to our purpose of creation. Even the angels asked God that, “what Is Man that you are so mindful of Him”. I’ll like us to think deep and ask ourselves this simple question. Why was I created, what’s my purpose for Living?


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