Have you ever felt attached to God that you just can’t do without his traces in you?. In the morning we pray, before we go to school, work we pray, every single day we are drenched with his rain of love. When there is catastrophe everywhere he is always reaching out to us saying ”come, this place is safe”.

        In the night his galaxy of stars makes the sky look beautiful, in winter his rainbow makes our thought flashback to the covenant he has with us, even with the hardship around the fishes of the sea has never for once gone into extinction, the birds of sky never leave for once we still find them there.
        Every minute, seconds, hours, we put our little hopes on friends, colleagues at work, our boss, our lecturers, teachers, parents, siblings, even our self, they one way or the other fail us but whenever we place our little faith on him he keeps us bouncing he never fail us for once. But sometimes in my thought i whisper ”has he forgotten me” and at the same time there is always this voice saying ”He makes all things beautiful in time”, we can’t live a mini-second without God.

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