• When God takes care of you, don’t take it for granted.
  • The more of God you know, the more you stand in awe of Him.
  • Despite how small man is, man is great. Man is great because he is linked with God.
  • Seeking things out of link with God will consume you.
  • When you break your link with God you’ll die.
  • Seek everything in the context of God helping you.
  • God cares about your heart and link with Him.
  • God is no respecter of person.
  • Give God the opportunity to take care of us.
  • 32:39 God loves you.
  • What you are enjoying is completely GRACE.
  • You should recognize the Grace of God.
  • God is the only one that can love you in an enduring way; through good and bad.
  • You are not a mistake of creation.
  • The principal way to show love is by sacrifice.
  • 5:28 God gave you His best even though you were the worst and that is LOVE.
  • 12:30 God has invested so much in you, do not reject him.

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